“Shaken baby syndrome had become a controversial subject nationwide, but in Iowa it was dividing a medical community. The state medical examiner was aggressive in his diagnoses of infants killed from shaking. But as cases multiplied, so did the questions among those who feared that the jailed were innocent.” This excellent and well-researched article, “Judging Parents as Murderers on 4 Specks of Blood,” featured in the LA Times on July 11, 1999. It shows how the Mary Weaver case began an investigation that literally opened prison doors for other innocent caregivers.

Here is a link to a summary of the study mentioned by Dr. Carlstrom. It shows shaking alone in an otherwise normal baby is unlikely to cause the shaken baby syndrome.

When you have finished reading Edges of Truth you may wish to read this review of her case by the National Registry of Exonerations. Spoiler alert: We warn you that if you read the article before the story, much of the story will be spoiled.

Mary’s case is highlighted on this website. Sue Luttner follows cases of apparently innocent people who have been convicted of murder by shaking.

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